The training provided helped my school leadership team and me build a strong foundational understanding so that we could then lead and support the mind shift of our staff.  The follow up coaching provided purposeful feedback and helped us remain mindful of our goals. We learned to push our own thinking as we examined our culture and imagined the new possibilities for our students.
Kelly O’Brien, Principal, Elementary
I have worked with Pam on different challenging cases, attended training sessions that she has led, and also worked on a district wide committee with her.  I have always found Pam to be professional, friendly, insightful, positive, supportive and creative.  She is very knowledgeable about MTSS systems and interventions.  She is a creative problem solver and does an excellent job in building relationships with all stakeholders.   I would highly recommend working with her!
Noelle, Social Worker, Elementary
I had the great opportunity to work with Pam Horn and Sue Smith in the first year that School District U-46 dedicated a full time MTSS Lead at every middle and high school in the district.  The goal of working with Pam and Sue in that first year was to have a full year of training on all things related to the work of MTSS Leads.  We met as a group every Wednesday for the entire year training on implementation of Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III supports in all of our buildings.  In addition a great deal of our training and work together focused on Trauma Informed Care and creating environments in all of our schools that supported students with Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Together we focused on creating schools that fostered and encouraged resiliency in both our students and staff. Working with Pam and Sue was one of the best experiences I have had in my 13 year career.  Their expertise in the area of MTSS was apparent from the beginning till the end of our time together.  Their passion for working with staff and students to create environments that support the social emotional needs of all stakeholders continues to inspire me as I move on from my role as an MTSS Lead and into my career as an Administrator.  Through working with them and being trained by them I was able to grow our MTSS efforts at my school exponentially.  We were able to implement all three tiers of support with fidelity for the first time in many years.  Through the training and support that Sue and Pam gave each of the MTSS Leads each school was able to create environments where students were supported in new and exciting ways.  I can say without hesitation every middle school and high school in U-46 is a better place today because of the work that Pam and Sue lead each of in.
Jason Misika, High School Dean (former MTSS Lead)
We can expect the age-appropriate behavior from our students on a daily basis, even from our most challenging students.  Creating safe schools that support all students is really about changing adult behavior.  No one has helped me better understand this than Pam Horn and her associates.  From Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Restorative Justice, her team has helped us put the right systems in place to meet the needs of all of our students.  We've seen tremendous improvement in the climate and culture of our school with Pam's help.
Jerry Cook, Principal, High School
I have known Pam Horn for over 10 years and have had the pleasure of working and consulting with her on many occasions. Pam supported PBIS systems in my school district for a number of years. Pam is extremely knowledgeable about the implementation and best practices of PBIS. What makes Pam stand out even more than her expansive knowledge is her warm, genuine and authentic personality. She has such a passion for PBIS and Restorative Practices in order to support all kids with positive reinforcement and respect. She is a problem solver that has an amazing ability to connect with adults and children alike that automatically makes you feel cared about and valued. She works tirelessly to ensure she delivers what she promises. She is extremely dedicated and hard working. She has provided a number of professional development trainings in Functional Behavioral Analysis and Behavior Intervention Plans, RENEW and WRAPS for my District. These trainings were imperative to the development and implementation of PBIS in my District. Several of the District’s schools have achieved Platinum status due to Pam's dedication passion and support.
Mary Abbott, School Social Worker, Middle School
Larkin High School started the PBIS program 4 years ago with the help and support from Pam Horn and Susan Smith. We  started with two school coaches that had absolutely no PBIS experience and with the training, guidance and support we were able to successfully implement the PBIS program at the high school level. We started with Tier 1 for the first semester of the school year and by 2nd semester we were ready to move forward implementing interventions at all 3 tiers. We proudly were awarded Platinum Status at the end of our 1st year of implementation. Pam and Susan's knowledge, experience, guidance and support were one of the main reasons we were able to move forward as quickly as we have. They were available at all times to answer questions, help problem solve and guide us as we continued to modify our systems. It has been 4 years now and we continue to modify and improve our systems and procedures as the needs of our students change. Without the guidance and support from Pam and Susan we would not have been this successful. We have been awarded Platinum status 3 years in a row now and are aiming for the 4th year again this year.
Kim and George Kolusek, Larkin High School
I am pleased to recommend Pam Horn as a candidate for any position. I have known Pam for four years as the district PBIS trainer, mentor, and colleague. She was instrumental in providing support to elementary, middle, and high schools in implementing PBIS school wide. Each time I attended a training I learned the importance of the four key elements to focus on when implementing PBIS at all tiers is outcomes, data, practices, and systems. Pam is an example of a great leader and effective communicator. She is a team player, a person of utmost integrity, and a self-motivated trainer who relates well with students, teachers, and administrators. Pam has high expectations for herself and her work. As a trainer, she welcomed all teachers, listened, problem solved and always willing to go an extra mile to make visits to school to help implement systems in place or just observe and give positive feedback. Pam is masterful at building positive relationships with teachers and administrators. I remember my first year in a new district in a new position as a MTSS Facilitator, Pam came out to my building to support, gave resources, and attended system meetings. Pam has helped by taking situations and offering solutions by helping me take a different perspective or providing me a list of ideas. Pam is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful regarding PBIS implementation and restorative work. Her willingness to accept challenges and listen to others enables her to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems. I believe Pam has tremendous initiative, a desire to continue to learn, and a growth mind set. On top of all that, Pam also has excellent communication skills, a positive outlook on any challenge given or that she might face, and she has a pleasing personality that enhances her natural leadership qualities.
Punkti Amin, Elementary MTSS
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